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Providing Durable Hardscapes for Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley Homes

Add depth and character to your outdoor space by choosing On Track Multi Services Landscaping for your hardscapes in Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley. We comprise skilled, dependable lawn beauty professionals helping homeowners make the most out of their outdoor space. You’ll receive years of experience, knowledge, and cutting-edge solutions to meet your goals and bring your property to life. Our services provide you with your desired aesthetics, efficiency, and safety. We look forward to providing you with a hardscape solution that creates your ideal outdoor space.

stone paver steps and retaining wall

How We Can Improve Your Property

We offer many ways to fulfill your aesthetics and make your property more efficient. From elegant patios to practical, secure steps, our team can handle your hardscaping needs. We are trained and skilled to construct the following:

  • Patios: A fun, relaxed outdoor space to host and entertain your friends and family.
  • Driveways: Easy access to your front door or garage and convenient parking.
  • Walkways: Clear, winding paths through your yard and to and from your home.
  • Walls: High privacy and retaining walls to protect your lawn and comfort.
  • Steps: Functional, safe steps provided in an array of styles.
paver walkway

Planned Excavations by a Responsible Team

Our team is thorough, and each member holds themselves accountable from beginning to end. We’ll plan each step in your project. From proper excavating to grading your slopes and hills, we provide a comprehensive approach. We excavate at the length and depth needed for your installation. Our professional grading directs rainwater and runoff away from your grounds, reducing flooding and overwatering risks. Our services are versatile. Enjoy a standalone hardscape, or link your patios, walkways, and other features for maximum convenience.

Style, Function, and Healthiness for Your Lawn

Hardscaping work can be immensely beneficial for your property in many ways. It elevates aesthetics and functionality while promoting health for your vegetation. Plants and grass thrive. Whether you want a new patio, walkway, or more, our team is here to help. During your first appointment, we’ll meet you face-to-face, inspect your property, and provide an estimate. From there, we’ll learn more about your goals and develop a plan to make your hardscapes a reality.

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