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Trusted Landscaping Excavation in Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley

On Track Multi Services Landscaping makes home and business owners comfortable and confident in their lawn services by providing responsible landscape excavation in Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley. We provide digging and removal services for residential and commercial projects and new construction. We perform and specialize in mini-excavation services. You can depend on us to create a proper foundation for your project, allowing it to continue seamlessly. We’re dedicated to completing your new installation on time and within budget.


Does My Project Require an Excavation?

Excavation is a common practice, usually essential to landscaping and hardscaping projects. Whether beginning a new construction or renovating an old feature, breaking ground and tearing out the earth are typically necessary. Excavation clears the way for patios, driveways, walkways, walls, and more, so our team can proceed with your new hardscape or landscaping work. We clean up thoroughly after excavating, completely removing dirt and other debris. When we leave, you’ll find your property spotless with a new installation that looks and feels like it’s always been there.


At On Track Multi Services Landscaping, Safety Matters

Keeping you and your property safe is among our top priorities. When you need an excavation, you want the most qualified team handling the job. We are accountable from beginning to end, ensuring we meet safety standards and earn your trust. Here’s what sets us apart:

  • Fully licensed, insured, and bonded
  • Trained in operating mini-excavators
  • Follows strict safety protocols and industry best practices
  • Successfully completes complex and small-scale projects
  • Thoroughly vets team members and holds them to the highest standards

Getting You Off to an Excellent Start

Before we begin planting or installing your hardscape, we’ll likely begin by excavating. Customers and contractors choose us because we perform ground removal quickly and carefully. We do mini excavations for many project types fast, getting our customers ahead of schedule. We strategize and plan before we start, enabling us to avoid obstacles and focus on necessary tasks. With years of experience, expert knowledge, and a concise plan of action, On Track Multi Services Landscaping will put you and your project on a clear path to success.

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