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Superior Wood Fencing in Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley

On Track Multi Services Landscaping is among the leading providers of fencing for Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley homes and businesses. We are a locally owned and operated company specializing in all fence systems, solutions, products, and projects. Our experience includes fulfilling residential services and large-scale jobs for commercial complexes and communities. We’ll provide a friendly, personable, responsible team to help you select the perfect solution for your property. You’ll receive advanced training, skills, and education for making the right choices for your home or business.

wood fence

Full Fence Services for Area Properties

Our team is fully trained, equipped, and certified to handle all your fence needs. From property construction projects to routine maintenance, we’ll ensure your system is in prime condition throughout the year. Our services include the following:

  • Installation: Careful fitting of new fences, gates, and rails along or around homes and businesses.
  • Repair: Quick fencing restoration for homes, businesses, industrial complexes, gated communities, and more.
  • Maintenance: Year-round inspections for all fencing systems and components, including expert guidance and service recommendations.
wood fence and garden beds

Custom-Built Fences With Style and Function

If you’re like our customers, you want a fence solution tailored to your wants and needs. Whether you want a new fence or upgrades to your current one, our team will provide it. We’ll customize your fence according to your desired aesthetics and operation. Request a fence that stands apart from the neighbourhood or blends seamlessly with your landscapes and hardscapes. Whatever you need, we’ll provide personalized solutions and systems bound to satisfy and fulfill your needs.

World-Class Materials for Homes and Businesses

As trained, seasoned professionals, we work with various materials daily. We install, repair, and maintain traditional chain and wood fences and handle automated systems. We stay updated on industry trends and developments, continuously refining our craft. We are highly knowledgeable and love providing guidance and recommendations based on our customers’ goals and wants. The materials we use include, but are not limited to:

Chain Link
Automated Gates

What Fence Is Right for Me?

Our team is here to guide you through the process, answer your questions and concerns, and help you determine which fence best suits you. The kind you choose should depend on your desired aesthetics, your operational needs, your project’s scope, and what purpose your new fence serves. Some customers want enhanced privacy and security, while others want to add style to their property. Our team will gladly inform you about materials, systems, and products and which will best meet your goals.

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